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Painted Pet Portraits by
Penny Lee StewArt

Who is The Crafty Lady?

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PENNY STEWART, aka The Pink Gypsy, aka The Crafty Lady
aka The Cat Rock Lady, aka Penny Puppet

Penny Stewart, Tole and Decorative PainterPenny Stewart has been a professional artist and crafter for over 30 years selling her paintings and decorative art in craft malls, consignment stores, art galleries, fairs and online. After displaying her painted furniture, art and crafts in "Crafty Lady Boutique" in San Gabriel, CA for over a year, Stewart purchased the store and became "The New Crafty Lady." She opened an online store a few months later, and after five years, closed the shop in real time but continues to sell on the internet.

Artist's Statement: My philosophy of life includes enjoying every moment and living in the now. Creating art releases my soul and frees me from the daily humdrum of life. I think less and become present in the moment, merging with my subject on a higher level. My interests vary considerably in all areas of life, especially art. Subjects for paintings exist everywhere and finding my niche has not been easy. One of my favorite sayings which has always proven true in my life is, "Do what you love and the money will follow." Acrylic works well for me because it dries quickly. The wide range of vivid colors appeals to me and it allows me to create thick texture like oil, or, by adding water or special mediums, I get a smooth, easy flowing softness like watercolor.

Since I tend to paint very fast, and often have several projects in the works at one time, I need the fast drying time. My original rendering of a subject can be done quickly. Then I refine and fiddle around with it. Sometimes it's best if I quit before the second stage, but I never know that until after the fact. Every painting represents a learning experience for me. Each painting I complete becomes an experience to remember and draw on at a later time, pun intended. I am currently experimenting with alcohol inks and really enjoy it.








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