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Who is The Crafty Lady?

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Cat Rock, hand painted by Penny Stewart, The Cat Lady

This is a photo of the first cat rock I ever painted. I learned how to paint cat rocks from a book by Lin Wellford, The Art of Painting Animals on Rocks.

Imagine creating your own animal kingdom from rocks you've gathered yourself at the local creek or nearest beach.

"The Art of Painting Animals on Rocks" includes Catrock Black and White with mustache11 step-by-step projects that guide you in selecting the perfect size and shape of rock, using simple geometric shapes to sketch the features, then shows how a bit of paint brings your animal to life! Cats and more!

The book starts with simpler projects like lady bugs and colorful snakes, followed by turtles, wild rabbits, calico kittens, a yellow striped tabby cat, raccoons, fawns, foxes and finally, owls.

A gallery chapter offers a glimpse of further possibilities along with tips and pointers for marketing your rocky artwork. There is even a video you can watch and paint along with Lin.

Here is a my latest cat rock painting, which I sent to a man in Tyler, Texas, for a friend of his who lost her cat recently/ Meet "Sergeant Pepper."

This is a 10lb rock that takes two hands to hold it. Never place a large cat rock on a glass table They slip out of your hands very easily.






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