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Painted Pet Portraits by
Penny Lee StewArt

Who is The Crafty Lady?

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My son's Fur Babies! Done for a birthday present for him.

This is Orion. He makes me laugh. I sold him already. SOLD
Orion, Chihuahua Pet Portrait, Dog Art

"Dear Penny, we just received 'Fluffy' that my boyfriend bought for me.. he is such a darling little dog! The painting warms my heart every time I look at him. Thank you! Best wishes, Katya"
Fluffy White Dog Painting
"Fluffy White Dog with Toothy Grin" 10 x 10 on wood panel SOLD

SOLD: One of my favorites - a pigmie goat I painted.
Don't worry, she's smiling. SOLD

Pygmie Goat Pet Portrait

Large Pet Portrait All Ears
She's All Ears, and full of love. 18 x 24 size.
Available, contact me for price.

Shelby the Sheltie, Painting by Penny
Shellby is my daughter's dog and one of the cutest Shelties in the world! She is so expressive. I think this portrait says she is waiting for Santa! Painted from this photo. NOT FOR SALE (It was a Christmas Gift)

Penny Stewart, Tole and Decorative Painter
Penny Stewart, Artist and Decorative Painter

Penny's Pet Portraits by Penny Stewart

My philosophy of life includes enjoying every moment and living in the now. Animals do that naturally. Creating art releases my soul and frees me from the daily humdrum of life. I think less and become present in the moment, merging with my subject on a higher level, sort of like when I do Tarot readings for humans, but talking to animals instead. They don't have to speak out loud, but I hear them. My interests vary considerably in all areas of life, especially in art. Subjects for paintings exist everywhere, and finding my niche has required some experimentation. Every time I painted an animal, people noticed and commented on the realism. I listened to my peers, my critics and my inner voice. "Paint animals!" One of my favorite sayings, which has always proven to be true in my life is, "Do what you love and the money will follow." I love to paint animals. In fact, I love to paint, period.

I have been working with local animal rescues, shelters and non-profit organizations. I truly want to help, but I live in a very small place right now, and adoption is not an option. Instead, I use my talents to raise money and awareness for the cause. When I paint pet portraits, my goal is to reveal the unique personality and individuality of each animal, hopefully expressing their thoughts at the time of the photo. People, including me, love to caption my paintings as if they can read the animal's mind.

For Pet portraits, acrylic, alcohol ink or watercolor work well for me because they dry quickly. The wide range of vivid colors with acrylics appeals to me and it allows me to create thick texture like oil, or, by adding water or special mediums, I get a smooth, easy flowing softness like watercolor. Since I tend to paint very fast, and often have several projects in the works at one time, I need the fast drying time. My original rendering of a subject probably takes 3 hours or less. Then I refine and fiddle around with it. Sometimes it's best if I quit before the second stage, but I never know that until after the fact. Every painting represents a learning experience for me. Each portrait, even if I only see a photograph of the animal, becomes a relationship to remember and draw on at a later time, pun intended.

Paint, Paint, Paint. It's a beautiful world and lots of fun too.





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