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Who is The Crafty Lady?

Painted Pet Portraits by
Penny Lee StewArt


September 2018: #30paintingsin30days
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Day 30, ACEO Tulip Bouquet in Blue Vase

Day 29, ACEO Elegant Arrangement Black Vase

Day 28, ACEO Secret Garden Bench Flowers

Day 27, ACEO Gerbera Daisies

Day 26, ACEO Monet Style Water Lilies

Day 25, ACEO Coral Reef Under the Sea

Day 24, Happy Halloween. BOO! Skeleton ACEO, SOLD

Day 23, Stirring the Pot! Witches Brew ACEO
Alcohol Ink on Photo Paper

Day 22, ACEO Scary Sugar Skull Halloween
Alcohol ink art.

Day 21, Bloody Vampire Halloween ACEO
Alcohol Ink ART

Day 20, Halloween Witch and Broom ACEO
Alcohol Ink art

Day 19, Halloween Skull ACEO
Metallic Alcohol Ink on Glossy Black Card Stock

Day 18, Purple Witches Brew Abstract ACEO
Alcohol Ink on photo paper

Day 17, Blue Flower Bouquet in Vase, ACEO
Alcohol Ink on photo paper.

Day 16, Abstract ACEO Bright Colors Orange and Greens
Alcohol Ink done with cellophane technique

Day 15, Two Bottles and a Jar, ACEO
Alcohol Ink on back of Photo Paper

Day 14, ACEO Landscape Red Barn and Silo
Alcohol Ink on Photo Paper SOLD

Day 13, Fuchsia Cellophane Abstract ACEO
Alcohol Ink on Photo Paper

Day 12, ACEO Bouquet of Lilacs in Crystal Vase
Alcohol Ink on Glossy Card Stock

Day 11, Pebbles, Rocks and Stones
Alcohol Ink on Photo Paper

Day 10, One Dozen Red Roses in a Vase
Alcohol Ink Art SOLD

Day 9, ACEO Red Geranium Flowers in Clay pot
Alcohol Ink Painting SOLD

Day 8, ACEO Rugged Landscape, Alcohol Ink Art, SOLD

Day 7, ACEO, Colorful Flowers in Buckets at Farmers Market
Alcohol Ink Art

Day 6 Sunset, Tree, Water, Reflections, ACEO
Alcohol Ink Art

Day 5, Bouquet of Flowers, Pink Vase, ACEO - SOLD

Day 4, Ocean Life, Bottom of the sea, ACEO,
Alcohol Ink art

Day 3, Colorful Fantasy Tree Autumn, ACEO,
Alcohol Ink art.

Day 2, Three Pink Tulips, ACEO, Alcohol Ink - SOLD

Day 1, Sunflower ACEO, Alcohol Ink

P.S. I am also participating in a community art project installation with Diane Williams and have made lots of crochet flowers.


Above: Tangled Tree Alcohol Ink on Canvas, SOLD

Below: Lion with Rainbow Mane - SOLD


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